Cream is helping revolutionise the sales process across a wide range of nutritional products

Our trading platforms offer unmatched access to primary industry markets. Cream is a marketplace software that makes running your business easier, creating high-value, global opportunities for both buyers and sellers.


We are a team of unique individuals, based in New Zealand, who are passionate about forming partnerships, customer experience and cutting edge technology. Our people are at the core of our values. We stand at the forefront of innovation. In 2017 we were highly commended by the NZ innovation Council for the Cream technology platform.

We think of our customers as partners, utilising collaboration to create intuitive and scalable solutions that work. We develop, tailor and refine the platform to deliver unique experiences.


The platform simplifies the sales process

A seller creates an offer on the platform.

Buyers receive a notification that there is a new offer.

Buyer reviews the offer and can trade or place a counter bid.

When a trade is completed both parties will instantly receive a detailed trade confirmation.

Internal trade documents are generated.

Transfer of goods and funds are arranged between both parties.

  • Transactions can be initiated by a buyer or seller.
  • Other events such as tenders can also be conducted on the platform.

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Cream trading platforms are designed in partnership with our customers. This has allowed us to create a solution that delivers powerful results while also being intuitive to use. Our customers regularly use the Cream platform to trade large quantities of cheese, butter, whey powder, cream, milk powders and much more. All of the products on the platform are guaranteed to be genuine and include detailed specifications.

Some key benefits

  • Our technology allows you to customise your solution how you see fit.
  • Trades can be created from emails in just two clicks.
  • Guaranteed access to the platform anywhere, any time.
  • All transaction data is stored on the site for reporting and trend analysis


Our partners

Strategy & Audit


Insurance Partner



Developing an online trading platform with Cream has been a pleasure and has really helped our business move forward. The implementation process with Cream proved to be simple and straightforward, with our suggestions carefully discussed and considered in order to develop the most comprehensive solution for Arla foods. Cream moves from the conceptual to implementation phase in a very short period of time, which has allowed us to constantly add new features and developments on the platform

Fabian Ruge-Foersom
Arla Senior Sales Manager

While we can’t think of a world without B2C eCommerce, the B2B development is still in its early stages. We strongly believe in the benefits of online sales platforms and chose to partner up with Cream after careful considerations. Cream has proven to be an excellent partner in fine-tuning and adapting the platform to our specific needs. While we are still innovating and improving, we are very happy with the supportive and proactive approach Cream has displayed.

Martijn Goedhart
Key Account Manager, Hoogwegt International — The world’s largest privately owned supplier of dairy products.

When DAO explored options for a technology partner to help realise our vision of an online trading platform for dairy products in the EU, Cream was the obvious choice. The Cream platform has exceeded our expectations from the start. No issue was too big or too small for the staff at Cream.

Rik Loeters
Managing Director, DAO.EU — Europe's premium dairy trading platform


Our philosophy is based on close partnerships with our clients

Gary Guernier
Gary Guernier, MBA

Independent Chairman

Gary is a talented, personable and experienced chairman, non-executive director and chief executive who has been involved in numerous public companies and major private enterprises. He has successfully completed multiple company restructurings and major business improvement programmes while overseeing acquisitions and sales. Gary was brought in to provide independence to the board.

David Ross
David Ross


David is a chartered accountant, professional director, venture capital investor and expert forensic witness. He started the Rialto Cinemas chain and the Sky Arts channel, while co-owning Sky’s Rialto Channel. David chairs biotech company KODE Biotech, is on the board of successful software company Konnect NET. He is a noted philanthropist and supporter of New Zealand business.

Duncan Milne
Duncan Milne, MAgSc


Duncan has over 40 years’ experience in the global agribusiness sector in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. He has extensive experience in commodity trading, risk management, global food sales, brand management, R&D, greenfield start-ups, M&A, restructuring and governance. Duncan was founding shareholder and director of Open Country Cheese Ltd from 2001 to 2007.

Ian Proudfoot
Ian Proudfoot

Global Head of Agribusiness - KPMG

Ian Proudfoot is a leading expert in the agricultural business sector, with a deep understanding in how technical innovation and current market forces will shape agricultural initiatives moving forward. He regularly provides insights into upcoming agribusiness trends on numerous international media outlets. Ian is currently the Global Head of Agribusiness at KPMG where he has led a wide range of audit engagements across various primary sector industries.

Kevin O’Sullivan
Kevin O’Sullivan

Co-founder, Director and CEO

Kevin is an experienced financial markets professional whose background in brokering and foreign exchange trading helped inform the original vision for Cream. A highly motivated entrepreneur, Kevin is a natural leader, experienced in all aspects of business leadership, people management and strategic direction. He is determined to ensure Cream is commercially successful via adding value to food product related industries.

Bruce Maunder
Dr. Bruce Maunder, PhD

Co-founder, Director and COO

Bruce governs the technology development of the Cream platform and supporting sub-systems. Security, performance functionality, support and customer satisfaction are his performance drivers. Bruce earned a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering in 2001. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has overseen the design and development of many software and electronic hardware projects.

Vladimir Managarov
Dr. Vladimir Managarov, PhD


Vladimir specialises in creating complex web-solutions to successfully fulfil business needs. He has a clear view on time and resource allocation strategies, and is responsible for the backbone of the Cream platform. Vladimir earned a PhD in mathematical modelling and programme complexes in 2008.

Dion Peters
Dion Peters

Platform Director

Dion heads the development of the Cream platform and is responsible for ensuring the business logic is robustly implemented. His background is in the scoping, design and development of web-based big data software. Dion brings a wealth of experience to Cream.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan

European Business Development Manager

Experienced Head Of Business Development with a demonstrated history of strong Key Account Management. Skilled in Coaching, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Team Building, Inbound marketing strategies, and Training Delivery. Strong operations professional with a Foundation degree focused in Business and Management from Chesterfield College.

Bianca Sequeira
Bianca Sequeira

Quality Analyst

Bianca is responsible for the quality assurance of the platform. She brings her experience in test management and automation testing with trading and banking applications. She has a sound functional knowledge of the Cream platform and is focused on ensuring it meets our customers' expectations.

Bianca has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computers and a Diploma in Business Intelligence.


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