Cream’s trading platform offers unmatched access to primary industry markets. By creating a more efficient and transparent marketplace, we provide high-value, global opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

Our clients come from all over the world and there are currently hundreds of participants using the platform.


The Cream platform is designed through a collaborative, customer-focused design process, that delivers:

Operational precision

Retain full control and transparency over your sales and procurement process.

Easy configuration

Design Cream to operate in ways that maximise your business requirements.

Speed to market

Log in 24/7 and view existing bids or offers in the marketplace. Instantly transact on the products you want, on your own terms.

Enhanced user experience

Intuitive and user-friendly interface puts buyers and sellers in touch anytime, anywhere in the world. Cream users can quickly pinpoint a desired product and allow the market to set the appropriate price.

Data accuracy

Cream provides access to a rich set of quality data to help you identify new opportunities and trends.


Cream delivers full control of the trading and sales model, while also boosting your business with the following value-added benefits:

  • Customer Support: Face to face training and round the clock help
  • Minimal start-up requirements: No capital outlay
  • Always running: No system downtime
  • Simple and transparent: No binding heads of agreement



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