The world’s most configurable B2B e-commerce solution for primary industry.

Our philosophy is based on close partnerships with our clients.

Markets remain the most efficient and reliable method for setting a price

The Cream Commitment


We configure the solution to fit your business requirements — including branding, product suite, suppliers, reporting functions and customised functionality.


We can arrange to meet you and your key stakeholders (regardless of geographical location), to ensure the solution is designed and implemented in a way that allows you to achieve maximum benefit from the technology.


Hands on training is provided for all clients. Cream will train your people and your suppliers to ensure an unparalleled customer experience.

Cream also provides training and familiarisation information to the customers who will use your marketplace.


Cream sees all our clients as partners, and works collaboratively to help you achieve your goals. Cream is invested for the long term.


Corporate governance is paramount to Cream. From day one, the company has promoted and adhered to best-practice processes in all aspects of our business.

Board of Directors

The board comprises a dedicated group with significant international business and agricultural experience. In addition to the executive directors, the non-executives are:


Gary Guernier

Gary Guernier, MBA

Independent chairman

Gary is a talented, personable and experienced chairman, non-executive director and chief executive who has been involved in numerous public companies and major private enterprises. He has successfully completed multiple company restructurings and major business improvement programmes while overseeing acquisitions and sales. Gary was brought in to provide independence to the board.

David Ross

David Ross


David is a chartered accountant, professional director, venture capital investor and expert forensic witness. He has interests in the media, science and technology sectors. He started the Rialto Cinemas chain and the Sky Arts channel, while co-owning Sky’s Rialto Channel. David chairs biotech company KODE Biotech, is on the board of successful software company Konnect NET, and was instrumental in the public listing of disability exoskeleton company Rex Bionics. He is also trustee of the NZ Arts Foundation and a noted philanthropist and supporter of New Zealand business.

Duncan Milne

Duncan Milne, MAgSc


Duncan has over 40 years’ experience in the global agribusiness sector in New Zealand, Australia and the United States. He has extensive experience in commodity trading, risk management, global food sales, brand management, R&D, greenfield start-ups, M&A, restructuring and governance. Duncan was founding shareholder and director of Open Country Cheese Ltd from 2001 to 2007. His current interests include sheep and beef farming, grain and fed merchandising and agronomic technology transfer.

Executive Directors


Kevin O’Sullivan

Kevin O’Sullivan

Co-founder, director and CEO

Kevin is an experienced financial markets professional whose background in brokering and foreign exchange trading helped inform the original vision for Cream. A highly motivated entrepreneur, Kevin is a natural leader, experienced in all aspects of business leadership, people management and strategic direction.

He is a firm believer in sourcing the best person for each role and searched for many months to find the right business partner to help direct the business from the initial idea to prototype and commercial reality. He is determined to ensure Cream is commercially successful via adding value to food product related industries.

Bruce Maunder

Dr. Bruce Maunder, PhD

Co-founder, director and COO

Bruce governs the technology development of the Cream platform and supporting sub-systems. Security, performance functionality, support and customer satisfaction are his performance drivers.

Bruce earned a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering in 2001. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has overseen the design and development of many software and electronic hardware projects. He has run his own consultancy business since 1996, providing robust solutions to a diverse range of international clients.

Senior Team

Cream’s senior team is composed of motivated and committed individuals whose differences synergise to form an amazingly gifted and coherent team. The company philosophy is based on trust, empowerment, and the belief that everyone’s ideas deserve serious consideration.


Vladimir Managarov

Dr. Vladimir Managarov, PhD


Vladimir specialises in creating complex web-solutions to successfully fulfil business needs. He has a clear view on time and resource allocation strategies, and is responsible for the backbone of the Cream platform.

Vladimir earned a PhD in mathematical modelling and programme complexes in 2008.

Dion Peters

Dion Peters

Platform director

Dion heads the development of the Cream platform and is responsible for ensuring the business logic is robustly implemented. His background is in the scoping, design and development of web-based big data software. Dion brings a wealth of experience to Cream.

Marc O’Connor

Marc O’Connor

Business Development Director

Marc has over 15 years’ experience in the commodity futures markets, having worked for commodity trading advisors, commodity systems traders and hedge funds in New Zealand, Australia and Switzerland.

His commitment to Cream’s success from its initial concept stages has been Marc’s focus for the past three years.

Marc earned a Bachelor of Business degree in 1996, double majoring in finance and management.

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