Your Role

Cream provides many different options for different Senior Leadership roles. Regardless of where you sit within your company’s leadership structure, see what the Cream Platform can do for you.


Full transparency

  • Full visibility of both the sales and procurement supply chain processes offers senior leadership an unprecedented practical overview, along with control of business decisions and staff actions. This includes complete autonomy over product, prices and inventory.

Usable data and intelligence

  • Dashboard information and analysis tools enable more informed decisions. Create views using historical transactions, or by individual sales and purchases. You can also filter by product, date ranges, individual users and more.
  • Data is fully exportable so you can utilise your own systems and parameters to analyse it.

Expand market share

  • Ease of use, low cost and automation allow you to access new opportunities—including previously non-viable markets. Sell to small buyers and purchase from new suppliers, with minimal effort.
  • Free up your time to focus on your priorities and spend less time on administration and duplication.


  • We are a totally independent software company (e.g. not affiliated with any specific vendor) who incorporate the needs of all of our clients into the platform.


No Capital Outlay

  • Cream runs on a transactional pricing model so you only incur costs as you use the platform.
  • The platform’s customisable and intuitive usability allows users to quickly deploy and use the solution in the most efficient way possible.

Total Price and Inventory Control

  • The Cream Platform can be designed using your logo and branding. Likewise, you set the terms, the conditions, the prices, what you want to sell, the timings of transactions — all according to your local rates, tariffs, regulations and logistics.

Non-binding Heads of Agreement

  • Cream’s transactional pricing model, cloud infrastructure and on-call support, means board level sign-off is usually not required to implement the tool for either procurement or sales.

Bottom line savings

  • Automation and the complete visibility of the entire procurement process (to a transactional level) significantly increases senior management control, while at the same time reducing the risk of duplication and corruption.

Collaborative and Easy to Use

  • Cream reduces administration and human resource demands in the procurement process.
  • Our dashboard offers fingertip inventory management and collaboration facilities and can be customised to suit your needs.



  • A customisable, personalised marketplace encompassing all standard trading options.

No installation

  • Cream is a cloud-based solution that requires no installation and maintenance. Back-ups are automatic, while multi-zone failover means no downtime.

Total support

  • Full personalised training is provided, along with around the clock, 24/7 support.
  • The platform is customised according to your individual requirements. Cream conforms to you.


  • Secure communications are carried out over the latest TLS protocol, while network protection is provided via Amazon AWS firewalls. Elastic Load Balancers create virtual servers on demand, and external audits (for robustness, compliance and adherence to best practice security protocols) are carried out by KPMG.


Speed to market

  • Get your products on the market instantaneously.
  • Turn resells, or product that may ordinarily end up as waste, into profitable sales thanks to Cream’s short-term sales capabilities. No more delays.

Increase productivity

  • Reduce human resource, duplication and administration. Free up your sales teams for more facetime with customers.


  • The Cream Platform can be customized to match your corporate brand.
  • Present a trusted and familiar identity to your market.
  • Initiate bids, receive customised alerts and exercise total price control.
  • Access rich, quality data for informed, agile decision making.
To request a trial, please contact the team at Cream for more information:
+64 9 887 4153 or