At Cream we offer an unparalleled service with the aim of removing any barriers to a mutually beneficial relationship. We are only rewarded when you are successfully selling product. In order to ensure that your customer gets the best possible experience when engaging with Cream we offer the below as standard service.

Cream’s Commitment:

  • configuration — we configure the solution to fit your business, including your brand, products, customers, reporting functions and more
  • implementation — at our cost we come to you regardless of geographical location to ensure the solution is implemented in a way that you get the maximum benefit from the solution
  • training — at our cost we come to you and your customers regardless of geographical location to train both parties to ensure an unparalleled customer experience is achieved
  • partnership — we see all customers as partners and work hand-in-hand to achieve your goals
  • to listen — we really listen. We are invested for the long term and will continue to listen to all the users of the Cream solution with the goal of always exceeding expectations
  • governance — Corporate Governance is paramount to Cream. From day one we have promoted and adhered to best practice processes in all aspects of our business.

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