Cream’s intuitive, robust and secure platforms transforms the way in which agricultural and food products are traded worldwide

The Cream platform supports a fully customisable product and price matching engine specific to the needs of agriculture, food and nutraceuticals.

TLS protocol guarantees security of communications


Layers of configurability allow you to customise the platform to suit your business needs. In addition, diversifying your market and product options on the platform is simple and changes can be implemented instantaneously.


Cream’s architecture development has been designed to be intuitive, flexible and simple to use.


We provide comprehensive training specifically designed to align with your expected needs.


Cream lets you trade anywhere, on any device. The platform is compatible across all contemporary internet browsers, mobile operating systems (Android and iOS) and Windows/MacOS.


TLS protocol guarantees security of communications between your computers and the Cream trading platform.

Amazon’s AWS Firewalls protect the Cream at network level, while Elastic Load Balancers create more virtual servers on-demand.

Data is stored in multiple regions concurrently, thereby providing immediate failover to replica in different geographic zones — meaning no lost transactions.

There is no downtime

Amazon’s infrastructure has exceptional ratings for security, redundancy, availability, scalability and reliability.

Regular audits are carried out by independent, professional security auditors KPMG to ensure robustness, compliance and adherence to best-practice security protocols.

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