Cream Technology

The Cream Platform supports you in optimising your business and its transactions. It is built around a bespoke, yet robust, matching engine. This modern engine has been designed around the needs of the agricultural industries - both in New Zealand and globally. The custom design means that the layers of configurability are of specific relevance to our clients’ businesses and their processes.

Functionality, security, and financial accuracy are regularly reviewed and externally audited.

From the outset, the technology has been designed and developed in conjunction with domain experts from the dairy industry and agri-businesses. The outcome of this is a set of highly-focused and finely-tuned algorithms, running on powerful, world-class, Amazon RDS servers.

The solution’s intelligent architecture development was overseen by Dr Managarov (Ph.D. in Mathematical Modeling and Program Complexes) and Dr Maunder (Ph.D. in Evolutionary Algorithms).

The resulting high-performance system is a first for the industry and its disruptive technology will change the way agri-products are traded throughout the world.

Platform Performance

Cream utilizes the power of Amazon’s cloud hosted AWS infrastructure; data is stored in multiple regions concurrently giving immediate failover to replica in different geographic zone meaning no lost transactions and no downtime. For further comfort the software has also undergone an operational audit by an independent global institution, confirming its functionality.

Amazon’s infrastructure has exceptional ratings in terms of:

  • Security
  • Redundancy
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Reliability

Cream’s trading application employs a range of tools and techniques to ensure the safety and security of our customers’ data. Data is guaranteed to be secure in transit via the latest TLS protocols. Amazon’s AWS Firewalls protect Cream at the network level, while the Elastic Load Balancers can create more virtual servers on-demand!

External audits are completed by an independent professional security auditor at regular intervals to ensure robustness, compliance, and adherence to best practice security protocols.

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