As mobile e-commerce becomes more commonplace in the B2C world, it is quickly doing the same in the world of B2B. People are transacting more business on smartphones and tablets, making mobile a crucial e-commerce channel in 2016 and beyond. Recent statistics show that 80% of the globe’s internet users own a smartphone, making it more important than ever before to give your customers the opportunity to engage with you from anywhere at anytime. 2015 saw the e-commerce marketplace grow 20% to a US$1.6 trillion market. It is widely expected to continue its double-digit growth for the foreseeable future.


It is simply no longer an option for companies that wish to succeed to assume what is working for them today, will still be relevant into the future. The information technology age has ensured that change is not only inevitable but the pace at which it is occurring is phenomenal. Cream is dedicated to offering our clients innovative and tailored solutions to meet and exceed their expectations when using our internal sales solution software.

Our development team are constantly reviewing and developing our platforms technology to ensure we consistently remain at the forefront of innovation when considering e-commence marketplace solutions.


At Cream we truly understand no two people are exactly alike and the same can be said for companies. We appreciate that our clients around the world and their customers also, have specific and unique requirements when it comes to our platforms functionality and usability.

Our commitment to ensuring our clients, and their customers’ experience, when interacting with each other on a Cream powered platform, is as seamless and user friendly as possible, starts at the development level. Each of Cream’s personally branded internal sales solutions, are configured not just at company level, but also tailored at individual user level for both the seller and buyer, as to maximise their efficiency and enjoyment in using our technology.

Interaction with our clients and industry participants as a whole, have led to some of Cream’s biggest developments to date and we see no reason not to continue this collaboration well into the future. Cream partners with your business to ensure you get exactly the experience you want from our e-commerce technology.

User Experience

We believe that the key to having a successful e-commerce marketplace lies with the ability to configure the Cream solution to best fit your company and the needs of your customers. This personalised configuration can reduce customer “effort” and create a seamless experience for your customer to access your products. Giving these tools to your customers can lead to improved satisfaction, loyalty and an increased customer lifetime value. With Cream you can offer a self-branded solution designed to give your customers an unrivaled experience while engaging with you in the electronic world.


We all hear about the importance of data in this day-and-age, however not many companies have a solution to capture clean, concise data regarding their customers’ behaviour and purchasing habits. With the Cream e-commerce solution you have the opportunity to look at your customer data in a completely clean environment. Having customer data can help you improve your service, help with problem solving, and increase customer loyalty. The better you know your customer the better you can serve them.

Cream’s E-commerce Solution

E-commerce is now well over a trillion dollar business annually around the globe and increasing year on year. Dismissing the importance of this trend is done so at a company’s peril. The Cream platform solution is here to help businesses who buy and sell perishable foods around the globe to capture their share of this ever increasing electronic marketplace. By branding each of our client’s sales solution platforms and customising the configuration to their and their customer’s specific requirements, Cream offers individualised and tailored e-commerce solutions that make doing business in this fast paced e-commerce world more efficient and cost effective. Let Cream revolutionise your sales process today.

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